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Science and Cooking

Thanks to Khymos, I came across the wonderful public lecture series on Science and Cooking held at Harvard this fall. All the lectures are available on YouTube and iTunes for free.

So far, I have watched only the first two of them. Well, “only” in this case is a complete four hours of talk. Enough to spend your weekend with. However, these four hours never got boring and I am very looking forward for the rest of the series. I truly recommend these lectures to anyone who has a serious interest in food and cooking.


My latest cookbook purchase

I really like reading food blogs. There are a few which I consume regularly. But everything started with a single blog.

One day, I was cooking mi goreng – Indonesian style fried noodles. I prepared my mi goreng the way I had seen a good friend of mine making it. She is Indonesian, so she is an authority in this manner. One of the principles of my cuisine, however, is to constantly improve all recipes. So I decided to do a quick Google search in order to learn how other people make their mi goreng. I ended up in a two or three hours journey all through the internet. I simply got stuck.

Somehow, I came to a website which praised another authority on fried noodles: Pim. The funny thing is that I don’t even remember this particular website. But it changed a lot. It took me to Pim’s description of phad thai – Thai style fried noodles. It was not exactly what I had been looking for. But I loved it. I highly recommend reading this piece. It is not a conventional recipe, but more of a passionate love letter to phad thai. It made me want to read more of “Chez Pim”, and it made me bookmark it.

Few weeks ago, Pim released her first book. I guess I have read every single word of it. This book is mouthwatering. Not a conventional cook book, but more of a passionate love letter to food. Truly enjoyable.