My name is Andreas, I am a twenty-something guy from Germany who loves eating. Well, I know that pretty much everyone loves eating. That is a simple result of evolution. You won’t survive without eating. You won’t reproduce without eating. Hence, the intake of food is rewarded by a very primitive feeling (or affect) of satisfaction. Evolution is straightforward.

But this is not what I want to talk about. I love eating. I adore food. As long as it good food. No matter whether it is a decadent eight course dinner or simply a perfectly ripe peach picked directly from the tree in late summer. Good food delights your senses. Good food makes you feel happy. Good food puts a smile on your face. At least, this is what good food does to me.

Now, we come to the point. Where do you find good food?

Of course, you can look for a decent restaurant. It shouldn’t be that hard to find. And it is certainly not the worst choice when we talk about good food. However, you better ask your boss for more money, when you want to eat out every day.

I think that most of us rather use their own kitchens to prepare their meals. Including myself.

German supermarkets, like those in every other Western country, offer a huge number of meals which are easy to prepare. In some cases, you just have to microwave your meal for a few minutes, and then it is ready to eat. Isn’t that great? Well, I don’t think so. It is convenient. At least, “convenience food” is how it is often called. I would rather name it lazy food. And it is certainly not what I consider good food.

It would be naive to think that only the best quality ingredients are used for “convenience food”. Don’t get me wrong: I do not blame the food industry for that. If I had something to say there, I wouldn’t do anything different. A perfectly ripe peach (I really like that example) is expensive, delicate to handle and simply not available in 10 out 12 months. Peach flavor, in contrast, does not have these drawbacks. I would, of course, use the flavor instead of the natural product, if I belonged to the food industry. Still, I really love a perfectly ripe peach. And I do not want to be betrayed. Thus, I am inconvenient.

Two things determine good food. Step 1: the quality of the raw ingredients. Step 2: the care these ingredients receive while they are processed. When you cook your meals from scratch, you automatically gain control over both steps. Why waste this chance? And, by the way, cooking is not that inconvenient. Some of the best recipes I know can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. This is rather important, because I do have a regular day-time job. I cannot spend my whole life in kitchen. Fortunately, I do not have to. I just have to remember step 1 and step 2. And then I can enjoy good food.


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