For a few days now, a large piece of celery root has been waiting in my fridge for further use. It was left over from cooking a large pot of ragù alla bolognese, where celery was part of the vegetable soffrito.

Today, I decided to make celery purée from it. A very warming dish, especially when served with some browned butter. But at the same time much lighter than the usual mashed potatoes, since it’s lower in carbs. It was rather perfect on this cold and rainy evening in July.

Celery puree

Use about two thirds of celery root and one third of potatoes. Cut both in pieces and cook in salted milk until tender. Then strain, but reserve the cooking liquid. Purée the vegetables in a blender and add as much of the milk as needed to get a creamy purée. Season with salt and just a little nutmeg.

The purée goes incredibly well with browned butter. Fry some sage leaves in the butter until they are crispy.

As you can see from the picture, I had the purée with loin of lamb. If you like a vegetarian version, I suggest oven-braised tomatoes and garlic.


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