T minus 8 days

Only 8 days left. June 24th – St. John’s Day – traditionally marks the last day of asparagus harvest in Germany.

So it’s time to look back on this year’s asparagus experience. The season started rather late, due to the cold weather. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed quite a lot of asparagus in the last months. But more exciting than the shear amount of asparagus that went through my kitchen was the different ways of cooking I tried out.

Most people tend to boil their asparagus in a large pot with water. And I have to admit that I was no exception – until this year. There is a large trend among chefs to cook asparagus without any additional liquid. Steaming, sautéing, or cooking in the oven. It is all possible. And it is indeed so much better. The result is incredibly intense since no flavor is lost to the cooking liquid which, of course, acts as a solvent.

Sautéed asparagus became my personal favorite. Here is the version I had last weekend: I used both white and green asparagus and halved the shoots lengthwise. They were then sautéed in some canola oil. Season with salt and powdered sugar from the beginning. I wanted the shoots to be tender, but still firm to bite, with slightly brown edges. Just play with temperature and cooking time until you get the result you like best. It is really so easy. And so versatile.


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