How to turn rice into oranges

Leftovers again. This time it was risotto from yesterday. Have you ever tried to microwave risotto? The result is horrible. A gluey mush that hardly resembles the pleasures of a good risotto.

Of course, this is not a new finding. And so it is not surprising that the Italian cuisine found a more appropirate way to use leftover risotto. They call it Arancini. The name means “little oranges”, but there is definitely no orange needed for it. It’s just because those fried little rice balls look a bit oranges.

The preparation is very easy, but the result is incredibly satisfying. If you have ever tried freshly fried arancini, you will never again spoil your leftover risotto by microwaving it.


With wet hands, form your risotto into small balls. If you like, you can fill each ball with a small cube of cheese. I used mozzarella. Just press your thumb into the ball, insert the cheese, and then reform the risotto ball around it.

When you’re done with all the risotto, roll the arancini in flour, beaten egg, and bread crumbs – just like a schnitzel. Deep fry in 140 °C oil until golden, drain on paper towels. That’s it.

Of course, arancini are best when still hot and crispy. So don’t resist them too long. But I hardly doubt that anybody will.


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